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Sycamore Capital Overview

Sycamore Capital, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a seasoned team of investment professionals with a long history of mid- and small-cap value investing. The investment team, led by Chief Investment Officer Gary Miller, believes that long-term investment success begins with trying to limit the permanent loss of capital. The team employs a bottom-up, fundamental approach to investing that seeks to identify better businesses that trade at a discount to their intrinsic value and possess fundamental drivers that could narrow the valuation gap over time. Companies that exhibit all three of these attributes generally possess the most compelling risk/reward profile. 

Investment Franchise Snapshot:

  • Seasoned investment team with long history of investing in mid- and small-cap equities
  • Employs a disciplined bottom-up, fundamental investment approach that has delivered consistent long-term investment performance over time
  • Over 234 years of cumulative investment experience between the 17 team members