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It’s been quite a ride since the economy plumbed the lows in March and April, and a $2.6 trillion fiscal stimulus has paved the way for a sharp rebound. But now it appears that the recovery may be stalling as the pandemic lingers. How is this impacting credit markets, and how might investors want to position? Learn more from INCORE Capital Management’s latest presentation.

Despite fundamentals, stimulus drives markets higher




The current fixed income environment has seen a spike in corporate issuance. Yet it’s important to acknowledge that corporate fundamentals, on the whole, deteriorate as leverage spikes. What does this mean for investors? Learn more from INCORE Capital Management’s latest presentation.

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Interpreting the COVID “Shock” and Policy “Awe”




This pandemic has raised expectations for a U.S. recession. Fortunately, Congress and the Federal Reserve stepped up quickly to provide funds and lending facilities to stabilize the economy and the markets. How does it all square and what’s the outlook?

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Fed and trade deals reset market expectations




Thanks to a Phase One trade deal with China, most economic pundits are still expecting modest but solid growth for 2020. But what does all this mean for monetary policy, and how might it impact corporate credit markets? Portfolio Manager Richard Consul from INCORE Capital Management shares his insights on AssetTV.

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