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Retirement Matters

Providing impactful content to connect retirement plan advisors and plan sponsors.

Under the spotlight

A primer on retirement plan fees: Cost components and comparisons.

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Fees in focus

Fee transparency is as important as ever. Plan fiduciaries need to understand who does what and what they are paying for that service.

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Follow the money

An in-depth look at fiduciary responsibility and evaluating fund compensation.

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Knowledge is power

Helping plan participants understand the impact of expenses and fees isn’t just critical—it’s our collective responsibility.

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Analyze this

Help plan sponsors build a service model framework that meets the needs of their plan and their participants.

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At your service

Service providers can be integral to a retirement plan—as long as they are transparent, and reasonable, about their fees.

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Are 401(k) plans free?

Participants may be unaware that they have been paying plan administration and investment fees. Help participants understand 401(K) plans are not free with our suggested talking points.

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A guide to understanding your 401(k) fee statement

With updated regulations requiring more fee transparency, the information is out there – now what? Read our guide to understanding a 401(K) fee statement.

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Top five most commonly asked 401(k) fee questions

Participants now have more information about plan administrative fees and that has sparked some difficult questions. We have a guide to help answer the top five most commonly asked questions about 401(k) administration fees.

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Retirement plan fee analyzer user guide & analyzer editable forms

The Retirement Plan Fee Analyzer (Fee Analyzer) was designed to help you illustrate the depth and breadth of services you can provide to retirement plan clients and related fees. The Fee Analyzer format is easy for plan sponsors to understand while at the same time it showcases the valuable support that you can deliver.

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