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Investment Approach

The NewBridge Large Cap Growth strategy seeks to own high-quality companies that have superior growth prospects supported by strong financial foundations, market leadership, and superb management teams.

Each investment team member is continuously searching for investment ideas across all sectors and industries, broadening our search for growth and allowing us to draw comparisons of growth characteristics throughout our opportunity set. 

Collectively, the team puts attractive ideas through rigorous fundamental analysis, leveraging our combined experience and knowledge and helping to build and validate our conviction. Ideas are analyzed within the context of the portfolio’s risk profile and our standards for diversification as it relates to sector and industry, emerging versus established growth, and cyclical versus secular growth.


Philosophy & Process

We believe earnings growth drives stock prices over time. As such, we seek to own high-quality companies with greater than 15% long-term earnings growth supported by strong financial foundations, market leadership and superb management teams.  

Management Team

Erick Maronak
Erick Maronak

Chief Investment Officer – NewBridge Asset Management ,Senior Portfolio Manager

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