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VictoryShares WestEnd U.S. Sector ETF

Why MODL?  

  • Time-tested investment process that utilizes qualitative analysis of a wide range of economic data to identify areas of strength and weakness in the economy and equity markets
  • Exposure to the core U.S. large-cap market, with the potential for excess returns as the Fund’s portfolio positioning evolves throughout the economic cycle
  • Dynamic allocation to sectors that WestEnd believes will benefit most from the current economic backdrop
  • Active avoidance of sectors that the team sees facing the greatest headwinds
  • The equity performance dispersion of economic sectors offers greater opportunity for outperformance through active allocation, in WestEnd’s view, than allocation based on equity style or market capitalization
  • Experienced investment team applying a consistent, disciplined approach developed in 1996

About MODL 

The VictoryShares WestEnd U.S. Sector ETF seeks to achieve favorable returns through active sector selection and avoidance, based on the team’s evaluation of the macroeconomic and market environment. The team implements its active sector selection and avoidance process through sector exposures using individual stocks.

This ETF typically allocates to four to six economic sectors at any given time, with the maximum exposure to a single sector being no more than 35% of the Fund's net assets at the time of purchase.

Portfolio Managers

  • Fritz Porter, CFA  CIO, Portfolio Manager
    15th year at WestEnd Advisors | 24 years of experience
  • Ned Durden, CIS, Portfolio Manager
    17th year at WestEnd Advisors | 26 years of experience
  • Ty Peebles, CFA, CPA, Portfolio Manager
    10th year at WestEnd Advisors | 14 years of experience
  • Jacob Buchanan, CFA, Portfolio Manager
    6th year at WestEnd Advisors | 8 years of experience

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