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Geoff Boyd, CA

Senior Analyst

Geoff Boyd

Geoff Boyd is a senior analyst on the Sophus Capital Emerging Markets team. The RS Investments Emerging Markets team was renamed Sophus Capital in July 2016 when RS Investments was acquired by Victory Capital. Sophus Capital is a Victory Capital investment franchise.

Mr. Boyd has over 24 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Sophus Capital in 2017 he was the Regional head of automotive and steel research at CLSA, a sell-side brokerage, with a strong following in Asia. He worked at CLSA for 16 years, including 5 years in Korea, where he focused on Korean companies. In the inaugural Thomson-Extel survey of fund managers in 2006 Mr. Boyd was ranked the #1 analyst across all sectors in Asia and earned other awards in the following decade. Prior to CLSA, he held a similar role at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and, prior to that, was at JP Morgan.

Mr. Boyd is a Chartered Accountant from Canada (Ernst & Young) and has an HBA from Western (London, Canada).