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RS Growth

The RS Growth team believes that sustainable earnings growth drives long-term stock appreciation, and a multi-dimensional risk management process can enhance long-term strategy performance.

Emphasize Innovation.
 We search for innovative, disruptive businesses that we believe can change an industry. Our team of sector specialists dig deep to understand companies of all sizes, applying a consistent process across portfolios up and down the market capitalization spectrum.

Focus on the Long Term. We emphasize companies that are aligned with our fundamental beliefs and rank highly on five key metrics: growth, sustainability, company quality, attractive relative valuation, positive estimate revisions, and favorable relative strength.

Manage Risk Throughout the Investment Process. We require a 2:1 upside versus downside at the time of purchase to restrict holdings to those in which the team has highest conviction, and our three-stage sell discipline helps mitigate the negative impact of any single position.

Investment Team

Scott Tracy

Chief Investment Officer

Scott Tracy is Chief Investment Officer of the RS Growth team. RS Investments was acquired by Victory Capital in July 2016 and is a Victory Capital investment franchise.

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