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Save for future education expenses by investing in a tax-advantaged USAA 529 Education Savings Plan.

About 529 Education Savings Plans

A 529 Education Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged way to invest for a student’s education. You can use your investment for K-12 tuition or higher education expenses such as tuition, enrollment fees and course materials.

It’s easy to invest in a 529 plan. After opening an account, you contribute money, decide between available investment options and your money grows in a tax advantaged way. That means your 529 plan savings plan benefits from tax deferred growth. So, any return that you earn on your investment is not subject to federal income taxes as long as it’s used for qualified education expenses.

What are qualified education costs?

You can use the money that you save for qualified education expenses, including tuition to attend a college or university, trade school or vocational school as well as housing costs and other costs, such as education-related books and supplies.

Your 529 plan savings can also be used for K-12 tuition of up to $10,000 per student per year.

Give the gift of education that lasts beyond the holiday season.




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How to get started

A USAA 529 Education Savings Plan is an affordable way to save for a student’s education. Start by choosing between monthly contributions or a minimum initial investment:

$50 initial investment

with an automatic recurring contribution of at least $50 a month.

$250 Initial investment

with no required automatic investments.

529 Plan Calculator

Saving for education requires a long-term plan. And, like saving for retirement, the earlier you start your plan the better. Use this tool to develop or fine-tune your education savings plan.


Open a 529 Plan account

Open an account

USAA 529 Education Savings Plan Advantages

529 Education Savings Plan Options

With the USAA 529 Education Savings Plan, you choose between two different investment options: an age-based option or a fixed allocation.


Age Based

The age-based option starts off as a more aggressive investment strategy and becomes more conservative as you get closer to the time when you will spend your savings. This is a low maintenance option that can be ideal for younger beneficiaries.


Fixed Allocation

The fixed allocation option allows you to take a more active role in your investment. Select one or more portfolios based on the investment mix you desire. You can update your investment opportunities up to twice a year.

An easy way to invest in a student’s education

UGift® offers a free, easy and secure way to invite friends and family to invest in a student’s education. Share a unique code in a printed invitation or online to receive contributions through the online platform. There are never any fees meaning the entire amount of the gift will be deposited into the student’s 529 Plan account. 

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