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Today’s workforce is as diverse as it has ever been, and this usually beneficial group dynamic provides many opportunities for potential conflict, shared understanding, and ongoing improvement.

While diversity and inclusion are often viewed through the lenses of race or gender, it could also be a result of the differences or similarities in our employees ages, cultures, ethnicities, mental/physical abilities, national origins, or otherwise.

In addition, the advantages of workplace diversity could be found in any one of these dimensions:

  • Personality (e.g., levels of extraversion, openness, or conscientiousness, etc.)
  • Background (e.g., citizenship, education, family/ relationship status, interests, life experiences, socioeconomic status, or spirituality/religion, etc.)
  • Circumstances (e.g., job function or location/ department, management status/seniority, full-/ part-time status, seasonal/contractor worker, or employment history, etc.)

As part of our diversity and inclusion efforts, we leverage the expertise of a leading third-party provider to help educate our employees. Their solutions combine online training from the world’s leading experts, live workshops, and sustained learning resources to give our employees the skills they need to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Our employees annually complete an inclusive culture course that focuses on these four pillars:

  • Objectivity – Making thoughtful decisions that reduce the influence of unconscious bias and promote equitable outcomes
  • Belonging – Feeling like we belong is an essential component for our health and happiness, and it has meaningful consequences in organizations as well
  • Voice – Fostering a culture where people have a voice, where their ideas are heard and valued, is critical for inclusion and belonging
  • Growth – A growth mindset is the belief in the ability to change, both your own ability and that of the people around you

Victory Capital is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in our workplace. Our goal is to cultivate environments where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

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