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Victory Capital is focused on creating an inclusive culture because we understand it is a crucial aspect of effective teams. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, and it is imperative that everyone feels valued and respected at work. Every one of our employees must embody the spirit of inclusivity if we are to maintain the innovative and vibrant environment for all to be their best, both individually and as part of a successful team.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is set by our Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion, and Engagement (DICE) Committee, which includes a cross section of leaders from all business functions across the firm. The DICE Committee’s mission is to foster an environment that attracts the best talent, values diversity of life experiences and perspectives, and encourages innovation and excellence.

The DICE Committee is charged with developing a comprehensive, integrated diversity strategy that drives best practices, goals, and objectives, and monitors progress on results. The Committee builds knowledge on diversity and inclusion efforts and broadly shares their impact, which may support the case for adopting them throughout the enterprise. It annually assesses our diversity and inclusion objectives, and our progress toward achieving them, to ensure consistent alignment with strategic business objectives.

Because we seek to be more inclusive in our recruiting efforts, we use artificial intelligence and linguistics algorithms to help us create job posts and analyze communication with potential candidates.

This helps increase our appeal to a broader range of diverse job candidates and ensures our communications contain inclusive language. In 2021, various teams outside of human resources began using this software tool.

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