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To put into perspective our vision of the strategic alliance we have with Xavier University of Louisiana, consider the potential impact this may have on students.

Perhaps one or more of the Victory Capital Scholars, or those working on the investment fund, could become summer interns at our company. Some might accept internships at other investment firms. It is possible that these same students could join us (or other firms) for full-time employment after graduation. Eventually one or more of them may become a financial analyst, portfolio manager, or mutual fund manager.

Maybe these students will find success in some other capacity in the financial services industry. Maybe the gap scholarships we provide will make the difference for a student faced with the difficult decision of staying in school or dropping out. According to Reynold Verret, President of Xavier University, “there are a lot of students who will not persist…because of financial issues. Especially with families that are economically

challenged, small things can become disastrous.” Victory Capital offers plenty of opportunity for many of the students at Xavier University.

We believe XULA’s student-managed investment fund will also have a profound impact on those who actively participate because it provides real, hands-on experience managing assets.

Students participating will create an investment policy statement that defines goals in terms of expected rate of return and risk parameters. They will conduct research to determine how to achieve their investment objectives. And then, they will commit real money and own real securities or funds.

This is more than just learning about investing. It’s actual investing. It is a skill that can provide those who participate in the student-managed investment fund compound returns for years to come. The experience could benefit participants for the rest of their lives.

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