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The conversation about global climate change prompts us to reflect on our possible contribution to this phenomenon. Even though the carbon footprint of asset managers like Victory Capital is small relative to other industries, we continue to take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, 85% of our employees work in LEED certified buildings.1

In addition, one of our newly acquired Investment Franchises focuses its investments on clean energy infrastructure companies. The projects it has funded have (cumulatively through 2021) offset millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. The greenhouse gas abatement those projects create is equivalent to planting tens of millions of trees or removing hundreds of thousands of cars from roads.


As society transitions from responding to the effects of climate change to trying to stop it, one challenge is the responsible production of key enabler commodities that underpin many sustainable products needed to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions now and in the future. Victory Capital offers investment opportunities in structurally advantaged owners of key assets required for the successful shift to a zero-carbon future.

Dave Alt, CFA
Director of ESG & Responsible Investing
Victory Capital


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