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Victory Capital is a diversified global investment management firm. We operate a next-generation business model that combines boutique-like investment qualities with the benefits of a fully integrated, centralized operating and distribution platform.

The asset management business is evolving rapidly and dramatically. There is an epic shift of assets from active management platforms to passive schemes that mostly remove human decision-making from the process. At the same time, average fee rates of active managers are declining. Victory Capital is well positioned to navigate these changes.

We deliberately designed our next-generation business model to specifically address these types of ongoing trends. Victory Capital is a growth company in a sector where most firms are struggling to maintain the status quo.

We pursue organic growth by leveraging the specialized capabilities of our Investment Franchises and Solutions Platform. We grow inorganically by acquiring investment management firms that ft our corporate culture, align with our core values and help make us better by:

  • Offering specialized product capabilities to solve problems in client portfolios
  • Opening or expanding distribution opportunities that bring our products to a broader group of clients
  • Adding more high-quality investment teams that enhance our growth and financial profile
  • Improving our diversification by asset class or investment strategy
  • Optimizing our operating platform

Our approach creates value for independent investment managers because they immediately benefit from our enhanced economies of scale.

Leadership and Governance


We appropriately balance short- and long-term incentives

✘ We do not provide Executive officers with guaranteed annual base salary increases

✓ The majority of executive pay is performance based and variable

✘ We do not provide excessive perquisites

✓ We pay out long-term incentives in equity and link incentive based compensation programs to performance

✘ We do not use cash to pay out long-term incentives as our long-term incentive plan is designed to incentivize increasing shareholder value

✓ Our Compensation Committee conducts an annual executive compensation review that includes a review of the compensation peer group

✘ We do not offer defined benefit retirement plans

✓ We conduct competitive benchmarking to ensure executive-office compensation is aligned with market rates

✘ We do not permit employees or Directors to hedge, short, or pledge our equity securities

✓ We align the interests of our employees with shareholders by using restricted stock awards that vest over time

✘ Apart from our CEO, we do not have any employment contracts

✓ We maintain an Independent Compensation Committee

✘ We have no poison pill or similar shareholder rights plan in place to inhibit being acquired


We provide each Investment Franchise a state-of-the-art technology platform and a fully-integrated operations and distribution system. Centralizing these components enables our investment professionals to concentrate on what they do best – managing assets and servicing clients.

Our innovative business model allows us to increase scale, efficiency and flexibility and to respond quickly to changing business and market are built to benefit from current industry trends and poised to quickly adapt to future developments.

Serving with purpose

We are proud to serve your investment needs. Our Member Service Representatives are available to provide portfolio planning, education savings services and general investment guidance. Please contact us. We’re here to help you find the right investment solutions for you, your family and your future.

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Connect with Victory Capital

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